Merupakan program dengan sistem multimedia terpadu dan lengkap untuk mengembangkan keterampilan bahasa inggris dan komputer anak sejak dini secara mudah dan cepat. Dengan kosakata bahasa inggris sebanyak kurang lebih 1500 kata, pembelajaran bahasa inggris diperkenalkan secara bertahap tanpa penjelasan yang rumit dan teoritis.


Overview of Course Content 

Level 1 
Themes : 
Numbers 0-10 
Computer Words 

Language Structure 
What's your name ?... 
My Name is... I'm... 
Who is this?... This is... 

What Color is it ?... Is it red?... 
Yes, it is.  
No, it isn't 

How Many are there ? 
There are... 

What's this?What's that ? 
it's a.... 

Level 2 
Themes : 
Members of the Family 
Personal Traits 

Room and objects in the house; 
Describing where things are 


Expressing Ownership 

Language Structure : 
Personal Pronouns 


Have and Has 

Possesive Pronouns 

Level 3 
Themes : 
Parts of the body 

Action one can and cannot do 

Describing and asking about things that are happening now 


Language Structure 
Commands : 
Close your eyes 
Touch Your Toes 

We can run. We can't fly 
Can you sing ? Yes I can 

Present Progressive 

Level 4 
Themes : 
Days of the week 

School Subjects 

Sports and Hobbies 


Language Structure : 
Ordinal Numbers 

He likes English. He doesn't like math 
Have - don't have; Has  - doesn't have 

Do you like....? yes i do. No i dont 

WH Question 

Level 5 
Themes : 
Month of the year 
the date 

The Seasons 

Meals and food 

Language Structure: 

Present Simple 
Present Progressive 

Present Simple 


Level 6 
Telling Time in minute 
Describing past activities 

Past Experience 

Language Structure : 
Past Simple : yesterday i woke up at 7.30 

Past Simple : was / were 
Past progressive 

Level 7 
Themes : 
Talking about things we used to do Review Past Form 

Language Structure : 
Using "used to" in Past tense 
WH Question in Past Tense 

Level 8 
Themes : 

Farm animals 

Animals in the zoo 

Taking care of the enviroment 
(Should/Should not) 

Language Structure : 
WH Question with Which 
Review Present 
Present Simple and Present Progressive 

This - These 
Do - Does 

Comparison of Adjectives 

Sentences with Should and Shouldn't 

Level 8 
Themes : 
Talking about Future 

Language Structure : 
Future Tense using"going to" 
Quantities and non-count nouns 
Superlative Adjectives 

Future Tense using "will" 

Comparing Forms of Transportation 

Unit 9 
Themes : 
Places in the city 
Buolding a house 
The Fire Station and The Theatre 
The Post Office and Telecommunications 
The Shopping mall : 
Following Directions 

Language Structures 
Noun Phrases 
Manner Adverbs 
Giving Directions 

Level 10 
People and Places 

Language Structures 
Review all tenses + time expressions : 
1. Every day I play 
2. Now I'm playing 
3. Yesterday I played 
4. Tomorrow I am going to play 
5. Tomorrow I will play

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